Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Create a Healthier World from the Ground Up

sustainableSpend three weeks as an “Aggie” at the nation’s leading university in agricultural and food science, UC Davis. You’ll tackle (or at least explore) some of the toughest questions facing the U.S. today: How will our shrinking farmlands be able to accommodate our growing population? And how can we combat an epidemic of poor nutrition, obesity and food waste?

This engaging, experience-based program gives you a unique opportunity to examine complex and multifaceted issues facing agricultural industries today…and in the future. On any given day you might:

  • Discuss big, macro-level issues like climate change and human overpopulation and how they affect our food supply
  • Dive in at a micro-level by learning how biotechnology is being used to improve food quality
  • Get your hands dirty at a working farm as you learn about the latest advancements in sustainable farming
  • Brainstorm ways to educate the public on the responsible use of food—maximizing nutrition while minimizing waste

If you’re considering any number of agricultural or food-industry careers—from the farm-to-fork movement to the scientific path to global food security—the UC Davis Pre-College Program in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems is the perfect place to start.

Our Pre-College Program in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems was developed in partnership with faculty from the internationally recognized UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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