Veterinary Science

Please note: Due to the large number of applications already received, admissions to the 2018 Veterinary Medicine program are currently suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to consider the Veterinary Genetics program, or one of our several other programs still open for enrollment. You may still select Veterinary Medicine as a second choice, which will place you on a waiting list for that program; however, we cannot guarantee that additional spaces will become available.

Where Your Passion for Animals Meets World Class Education

U.S. News and World Report currently ranks UC Davis as the #1 school in the country for veterinary science. Spend three weeks next summer learning from renowned faculty and scientists in the UC Davis Vet Med program, and get unparalleled access to the exciting field of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Genetics

Program Dates: July 21 – August 11, 2018

girl looking into microscopeAnimals—from our closest companions to rodents used for important disease research—have a profound impact on the lives of humans. Learn about how genes, the environment and the interaction between the two play critical roles in understanding animal health, and how this knowledge is applied to animal breeding programs.

In this three-week, experience-based program, you'll have the rare opportunity to learn from leading faculty and research associates at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, who have an international reputation as experts in DNA-based animal testing. Take part in exciting lectures, discussions and laboratory explorations in several topic areas, including:

  • Learning about different types of animal breeding and the importance of genetic testing to enhance animal populations.
  • Examining efforts to identify causes for genetic disorders, from clinical examination all the way through mutational discoveries. You'll analyze genetic data to identify mutations and use computational resources to predict how the mutations can cause disorders.
  • Performing actual genetic testing using the horse as the animal model.

If the concept of genetic research excites you, then UC Davis Pre-College Program in Veterinary Genetics is a great opportunity to get a first-hand look at how biological science and genetic research are changing the world by finding cures to diseases and improving animal and human health.

Veterinary Medicine

Program Dates: July 21 – August 11, 2018

Do you have a passion for the care of animals? We do, too. And we're just as passionate about nurturing students like you— the future of veterinary medicine.

The UC Davis Pre-College Program will introduce you to veterinary medicine, as taught by faculty from the field's top-ranked school in the assistant comforting a dog

  • Explore the rewarding veterinary medical profession and gain an understanding of the passion and commitment it requires
  • Learn about the history and evolution of veterinary medicine
  • Work with the extraordinary resources and mentors at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Discover the wide-variety potential career paths beyond college—from researcher to practicing veterinarian

During your three weeks with us, you'll also spend lots of time in the lab, experiencing clinical procedures such as surgical preparation, handling, injections and suturing.

Take what you learn in the classroom and see how it's applied out in the real-world on interactive tours of facilities such as the Center for Equine Health, the Raptor Center, VMTH Large Animal Clinic, UC Davis Dairy, the Sacramento Zoo and more.

On an academic, personal and professional level, this is a life-changing opportunity.

Our Pre-College Programs in Veterinary Science were developed in partnership with faculty from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, the world's top-ranked vet school.