Language & The Mind

Explore the Relationship Between Thought and Language

Program Dates: June 23 - July 14, 2018

child looking at a computer during a brain studyHave you ever wondered how language influences thought? Can you even have thoughts without language? The UC Davis Pre-College Program in Language and Mind is an experiential, research-based introduction to how we structure our world through language.

  • Learn how the mind and language interact to form our perceptions of the everyday world
  • Work with your faculty advisor to design and run a small-scale research project on topics ranging from the use of metaphors in everyday language to animal communication
  • Conduct your own research: Form a hypothesis, gather, organize and interpret data, and present your findings
  • Explore complex questions: In what ways do we all think alike? Or differently? How do animals think compared to humans?

Over the three-week program you'll combine hands-on work in the classroom with career-oriented field trips to develop, test and expand your understanding of the cognitive aspects of language. If you're considering majoring in linguistics or psychology, this program will fill your pleasure centers with dopamine.