Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Changing the World Through Business

Program Dates: June 23 - July 14, 2018

We believe entrepreneurship and innovation fuels human progress. The world needs dreamers who are willing to be do-ers. And our job is to educate dreamers about what that takes, beyond the idea: vibrant, collaborative networks. Engagement in uncommon partnerships. Restlessness, grit, bravery. All in service of giving great ideas the best possible chance at finding a home and changing people's lives for the better.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship program gives you the opportunity to develop the skills and foster new relationships essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur and innovator. By developing your business pitch decks, working through team-building exercises with your peers, and networking, you will be able to construct and refine your entrepreneurial journey and put it to work on practical projects.

This engaging, practical and experience-based program will teach you about the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation. On any given day you might be:

  • Developing a business concept and business pitch presentation
  • Touring leading Silicon Valley and San Francisco companies
  • Working on prototyping your idea in a design lab
  • Meeting with startup entrepreneurs
  • Engaging in exercises to improve your team-building and project management skills
  • Receiving mentorship and feedback on your business idea
  • Exploring the importance of niche industries like sports entrepreneurship, food/ag innovation, and the dynamic opportunities involved in medical and biomedical entrepreneurship.
  • Learning about the role of government in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship

If you're interested in business, innovation, and social entrepreneurship, this program presents an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best faculty and practitioners about the immense opportunities to drive change through business and innovation.

Our Pre-College Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship was developed in partnership with faculty from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.