Food & Agriculture Technology

Shaping the Future of the World's Food Supply

Program Dates: July 21 - August 11, 2018

As the world's population continues to grow, agriculture will increasingly depend on innovative new approaches to farming, food production and environmental stewardship. The UC Davis Pre-College Program in Food & Agriculture Technology lets you explore the future of agriculture and how new technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), robotics and artificial intelligence, can be used to sustainably increase food production to match demand.

    man holding green tomatoes
    Karin Higgins/UC Davis
  • Learn the basics of farming in California and the advanced science of agronomy at the #1 agriculture research university in the world
  • Discover how technology is being used to help farmers understand the health of their crops, automate the application of water and pesticides and harvest crops
  • Examine the science and technology of food production and processing of products such as milk, meat, fruits, nuts, beer and wine
  • Explore data science and how it can help solve real problems in California agriculture

During your three weeks with us, you'll split your time between the classroom and hands-on demonstrations and projects at farms, food processing facilities, engineering labs and startups across the UC Davis campus and the surrounding community. This program is designed for a wide range of majors and will explore the integration of food, agriculture and environmental sciences with computer, data sciences and engineering. Experience the breadth of UC Davis' expertise and participate in the research and development of cutting edge innovations that are critical to our future.