Dr. Rebecca Bellone

Veterinary Medicine

Rebecca Bellone

Dr. Rebecca Bellone is an equine geneticist with a passion for both science and teaching. As an undergraduate student, she discovered an interest in equine genetics and, in particular, wanted to investigate the genetic mechanisms responsible for appaloosa spotting. Her efforts have unraveled some of the complex genetics involved in the beautiful coats of these horses and aided in the understanding of how the same genes causing the pigmentation difference can also cause ocular disorders.

While she is still very passionate about her research, Dr. Bellone is equally enthusiastic about educating the next generation of scientists. Prior to joining the faculty as associate adjunct professor in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014, she taught at the University of Tampa, Florida, for 12 years. She has taught undergraduate courses in basic biology, cellular biology, molecular biology and genetics. She has also advised over 50 undergraduate students in independent research projects, several of whom have gone on to publish their work in research journals. In addition, she has taught summer courses for middle school children and designed summer camp programs for children ages 5-15 years old. As a result, she has extensive expertise in making complicated topics, such as veterinary genetics, attainable to learners of all ages.