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Explore Science’s Greatest Challenge

brainUnderstanding the mind has been called science’s greatest challenge because it requires the human mind to understand itself. UC Davis’ Pre-College Program in Mind & Brain will help you learn why that’s so difficult and, in doing so, expand your perception.

This experiential, research-based program will help you explore answers to the most fundamental—and fascinating—questions about how the human mind perceives, thinks, feels and acts.

  • Learn how the brain and the mind interact and how those interactions drive us in our daily life
  • Learn how to form testable hypotheses and work with your faculty advisor and cohort to conduct a team experiment
  • Learn how to analyze and interpret data, and how to present research findings in a professional setting

Do you see red the same way I see red? Did you know that some people can taste shapes? How do we remember (and forget), recognize a friend’s face, or dream? These are some of the cognitive processes we rely on every day, but is it the mind or the brain that is doing the work? Or are they one and the same?

If you’re interested in pursuing psychology, medicine, physiology or philosophy, UC Davis’ Pre-College Program in Mind & Brain is an exceptional opportunity to explore a major and examine questions that have been asked but not fully answered by scientific research.

Our Pre-College Program in Mind & Brain was developed in partnership with faculty from the world-renowned UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain.

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