Jessica Loudermilk

Program Director

Jessica Loudermilk

Jessica Loudermilk is the founding director of the UC Davis Pre-College Program. She works with our faculty to design every aspect of the programs. This is Jessica’s baby and, as a result, she is passionate/borderline obsessive about the academic quality and ensuring that you have a life-changing experience.

Jessica is what we refer to as a “lifer.” She’s spent her whole career at UC Davis, first as a graduate student, then in university administration. She has seen the transformative power of education first-hand and is committed to sharing that experience with her students.

When she’s not doing the transformative-power-of-education-thing, Jessica is usually reading urban fantasy novels (she swears that’s an actual genre), yelling at her TV during Saints games, and supporting/embarrassing her son as a soccer/basketball/baseball mom.

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