Introduction to Data Analytics

Dive into the exciting world of data analytics. During this two-course immersive program, you will first learn how to use techniques of statistical machine learning (course I) and then dive into sentiment analysis (course II) to glean insights from textual data. You’ll also become a more sophisticated consumer of analytics and more knowledgeable in your interactions with professional data scientists. Course I must be completed before moving on to course II.

Nearly all businesses collect data about their operations and examine this data for insight into how to improve their operations. As the amount of data that businesses collect becomes increasingly large, insights from the data can no longer be effectively derived manually. There is a growing trend among companies, organizations and individuals to exploit the potential of data analytics to help them discover and act on the most important patterns contained within the data they collect.

With a myriad of business applications, data analytics is increasingly used to drive decisions about all aspects of business, including spotting sales trends, developing smarter marketing campaigns, predicting customer loyalty, and predicting and protecting against fraud. In fact, data analytics can be applied anywhere in a business or organization where a company is interested in identifying and exploiting predictable outcomes. The skills you will gain in this program are applicable to a wide variety of data analytics projects and will enable you to start working with problems that require “supervised learning” (which is learning from labeled examples, e.g., Bob, a customer with these characteristics, left us to do business with a competitor).