Housing and Dining

Your Room Away from Home

segundoNothing says college experience like living in the UC Davis residence halls. Your dorm, with its community bathroom, is your castle, and we'll provide everything to make you comfortable-ish—a desk, a bed, linens and, of course, a roommate.

The roommate relationship borders on sacred. Living with a non-relative, especially if it's your first time, creates a bond that often lasts a lifetime. We'll do everything possible to ensure you're paired with a compatible roommate who can share and add to your pre-college experience.

Check out the residence halls.

This is Dorm Food? Seriously?

girls eating a mealUnlike the food your parents had in college, you'll find fresh, healthy, delicious food for every taste and lifestyle. Mexican, pizza, Asian-fusion, vegan cookies? We've got it all. The cafeteria-style dining means you can take as little or as much of whatever you want, including cereal for dinner, if that's your thing.

What's on the menu? Check out the Dining Commons .