Welcome from Dr. Giulivi

Dear student,

On behalf of my colleagues at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis, and the staff of the Pre-College Veterinary Medicine Program, I would like to welcome you to Davis. We have a very intensive academic program and some exciting activities prepared for you. We believe in hands-on learning experiences and you will have many opportunities to understand how relevant it is to have a solid foundation in basic sciences to be able to apply it to human and animal medicine.

My definition of professional success is knowing that we do here at UC Davis matters to our community and, under the umbrella of One Health, to the world. The basic and clinical research done at UC Davis saves lives (animal and human) and trains undergraduates, graduates, post-doctoral fellows including residents. This process provides a basis for answering some of the field’s driving questions: How can I help my patient in the best way I can? How can I use the resources and basic knowledge in molecular sciences to provide for the care of my patients?

I’m excited to welcome you to be part of our endeavor as we explore ways to connect basic and molecular science with translational medicine to make it relevant to both animals and humans.

As you browse through the program website, please keep in mind that your success depends on your hard work and dedication. I trust that you will do everything possible to engage in all activities and program requirements and I assure you that we will do all we can to assist you in meeting your goals. I look forward to working you.

Warm regards,

Dr. Cecilia Giulivi, MS, Ph.D.
Faculty Director, UC Davis Pre-College Program—Introduction to Veterinary Science
Professor of Biochemistry
Director of the Redox Biology Laboratory
University of California Davis and MIND Institute

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