Daily Schedule and Activities

A Kinda Sorta Almost Typical Day

Angela Balestreri fills a graduated tube for her experiment to find the acetic acid level of vinegar during an "Introduction to Chemistry Lab 2A" class at UC Davis, on Tuesday, October 25, 2011. 1,500 to 1,700 students enroll in chemistry per year and this course teaches core lab techniques.

Most of the activities we’ve got planned have more of an academic/research bent, but that doesn’t mean dry classroom lectures (“Bueller… Bueller… Anyone?”). Our focus is hands-on, experiential learning. Each program is filled with different trips and activities, but one thing’s for sure—you won’t be bored.

Every day you spend with us is a little different. Or a lot different. And that’s what makes our programs unique, wonderful and exciting. But since the marketing people are telling us we have to give students an idea of how they’ll be spending their time on a “typical day,” it probably looks something like this:

Before 9:30 9:30-12:00 12:00-2:00 2:00-5:00 After 5:00 6:30-8:00
Breakfast Lectures, guest speakers or discussion sections Lunch & break Field trips, tours, group projects, lab work or faculty advising Dinner Faculty forums, admissions advising or social events


Activities and Events

When you’re not busy exploring a potential career, you’ll be having a different kind of fun—socials, field trips and forums:

Social Events

joustOur social directors are organizing a ton of evening and weekend events to add a dynamic, social element to your pre-college experience. Things like Carnival on the Quad, movie night at the Arboretum, swim parties at the Rec Pool, or bowling and games night at the student union.

Weekend Excursions

Golden Gate Bridge

UC Davis is just an hour or two away from practically anything in Northern California that’s worth doing—San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the mountains, the beach… Enjoy weekend day trips with friends exploring the city (SF, that is), hiking the trails in Tahoe or maybe hitting an amusement park.

Faculty Forums

micYour pre-college faculty and their colleagues are doing research that is changing the way we understand the world and improving quality of life across the globe. In the weekly faculty forum, they’ll talk about the big ideas they’re taking on and why they matter—and you’ll have a front-row seat. Think of them as your own, exclusive TED talks.

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