The "Blurred Lines" Between Originality and Art

April 21, 2017
How much does the value of any work of art—or anything, really—come from its inspirations, and how much comes from which inspirations are combined, in what particular ways, and to what audiences?

Webinar: College Admissions Trends

March 07, 2017
UC Davis Pre-College Program College admissions advisor Jennifer Borenstein discusses recent trends in college admissions.

Starting Small and Vulnerable: The Babies of the Sea

February 08, 2017
When we think about the organisms in the ocean, we don’t often think of these strange and beautiful early life stages that look very unlike the adults they grow into.

What's in a Genome?

January 11, 2017
After mapping the human genome, scientists went on to sequence many animal genomes in order to help answer interesting questions related to evolution, physiology, and medicine.


January 10, 2017
Highlights of some of the most notable trends from 2016 in the college admissions world