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Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It

The UC Davis Pre-College Program brings together our two favorite things in the world: summer and college. Everyone who works here—many of whom are UC Davis grads—knows how important your college experience is and how amazing that experience is at UC Davis. And we’re excited to give you a chance to try it out so when you do go off to college, you’re prepared to make the absolute most of it.

Our summer residential learning programs are designed to give high-achieving sophomores and juniors in high school a dynamic, hands-on introduction to college. We offer four distinct “majors” for you to choose from, each exploring a subject area in which UC Davis is an international powerhouse, conducting research that is changing our world and how we understand it. Our programs are taught by some of the university’s most engaging, distinguished faculty. They’re extraordinary role models and mentors.

The UC Davis Pre-College Program is administered by UC Davis Extension, the continuing and professional education division of the university. UC Davis Extension runs a variety of innovative educational programs (from online Coursera classes to international studies to academic certificates), opening the doors of the university to the rest of the world. Our dean, Paul M. McNeil, has nearly three decades of experience designing and administering pre-college programs for high school students.

So that’s us. Who we are, what we do and, most important, why we do it.

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